Sunday, November 21, 2010

Welcome to your altered, alternative or parallel universe

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Travel back into the past, there is a good chance you will at least slightly alter existence. Everything experienced going forward will be in an altered universe. On the other hand, entering an alternative universe, through some kind of tear in the fabric of space and time, means living in a completely new reality without impacting the old existence. And a parellel universe is a part of the theoretical muliverse, where each decision point in a life spins out mulitple, new with the various possibilities spun out like the perspective of the wrap around mirror in a department store's clothing department. An alternative or parallel universe could be the same, depending on how you got there. All of these concepts are frequently used in fiction.

Much of the story conflict in Gettysburg Passage, a thought-provoking action-adventure fantasy novel from, centers around the possibility of how the characters, living in the modern world, uncover an opportunity to travel in time. The remnants of a beleaguered civilization, over-run by violent, barbaric invaders, face total annihilation if they don't get assistance. But if they go back, our contemporary characters may alter today's world. Should they go?

Read a sample chapter today! Go to and search under books. That's Gettysburg Passage, by John Callahan, now just $2.99. It's a fast-paced story that reviewers are saying kept them guessing right up until the final pages.
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