Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Expect the Unexpected

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Isn't that how life is?

Did the world expect our eye-watering, global financial panic? Did people in South Korea expect to have a village attacked, houses bombed and burned, residents killed? Did the president of the U.S.expect to experience a huge electoral rout just two years after winning?

The unexpected happens. Freakish weather, deadly mudslides, powerful earthquakes.

On a personal level, the unexpected may seem impossible. Have you ever experienced a doppleganger, a ghostly double, often viewed just at the edge of peripheral vision? Obviously, most people never will. But many serious, sober and famous figures in history have -- including Abraham Lincoln. Told of the vision, his wife predicted that it meant he would not survive a second term.

While most scientists believe doppelganger is simply an out-of-body sensation created within the brain, others have speculated it is a brief glimpse of an alternative universe. Whatever it is, it is, of course, a frequent plot device used in fantasy and adventure fiction.

In Gettysburg Passage, by John Callahan, available from for $2.99, the issue of what is "normal reality" in today's world comes up quickly. A mysterious and ancient artifact turns up nearly simultaneously in Syria and in Washington, D.C. The main characters begin experiencing people and events associated with the Civil War and the battle of Gettysburg which occurred approximately 150 years before. A threatening man appears demanding to see the artifact because it's his. The chase is on. Could it lead, from 2011 right back to the battle of Gettysburg? Or perhaps still further, thousands of years into the past? A maybe to another reality or universe mirroring our own?

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