Friday, November 5, 2010

3 Critical Elements of Superior Fantasy, Scifi and Action-Adventure Stories

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Consider of the best fantasy/adventure/scifi stories
 that you've most enjoyed. Many share key elements:

1) Immediate deadly peril  (Lord of Rings,  the Matrix series, Blade Runner, Do Android Dream of Electric Sheep, the Terminator series, the Jason Bourne series.
2) Disbelief and conflict about what is happening, why is there danger, this can't be happening to me? (Die Hard, Nothing Lasts Forever, The Bourne Identity, Gladiator)
3) Journey into certain danger (The Hobbit, Unforgiven, Jurassic Park)

The fantasy, action-adventure novel, Gettysburg Passage, uses all of these elements to tell the story of a group of friends who stumble on a mysterious archaeological find from Washington, D.C. They fall into almost immediate deadly peril (though they don't recognize it). A state of disbelief is present through most of the story. They have to decide if a journey will be made into certain peril.

Of course, all of modern civilization depends on a positive outcome!

Gettysburg Passage, a novel by John Callahan, now available from for $2.99.
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