Sunday, November 14, 2010

Discovered Ancient Relic Tied to American Mystery Near Historic Gettysburg

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People are asking how the discovery of an ancient mace in one of the world's oldest cities -- Aleppo, on the Syrian-Turkey border -- could be related to one of the strangest geological mysteries on the American East Coast. First, as reported in a recent global newswire article:

"Syrian authorities are moving to limit tourist visas related to visits to the ancient town of Aleppo, known in Arabic as Halab, after growing throngs of pilgrims, surging approximately six months ago, began to swell and eventually overwhelm that nation’s second largest city. Believers representing the three Abrahamic religions, and others including Buddhists and Hindus, have visited and adopted an ancient ceremonial mace as a sacred relic capable of curing disease and cleansing sin."

Closer to home, an abandoned mine near the historic Gettysburg battlefield is burning deep underground and the fire can't be extinguished. While on its own, a mine fire in a rural area should not cause great concern, this particular geologic phenomenon has caught the attention of several people in the Washington area who have been experiencing a recurring dream that involves a mysterious mine fire. It seems that one of them recently stumbled on a strange object, possibly a replica of an ancient ceremonial mace that was in the international news. Since the artifact was discovered, several members of the group have been threatened.....

Does this sound like the plot of an action-adventure novel, or maybe some kind of fantasy involving a threatened lost civilization? Or maybe a fictional page-turner that includes a bit of Civil War history, a touch of romance and a high-speed chase through the rural roads of western Maryland? Perhaps all of these things could be true. But to find out, please go to and look up Gettysburg Passage, by John Callahan, a new novel getting rave reviews and priced at $2.99.
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