Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Evidence of Ancient Civilizations Is Frequently Uncovered

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A frequently used plot device in fantasy, action/adventure and science fiction is the discovery of an ancient civilization. Perhaps the most familiar example includes the many fictional adventures of Indiana Jones. A reader might wonder, with humans constantly crawling all over the globe, with 3D satellite mapping going on, and with all the other new scientific tools available, are there any amazing ancient secrets left to be discovered?

The answer is, amazing discoveries are made all the time! Just this week there are news reports that a new, unheard of ancient Sumerian city has been discovered in southern Iraq.

The ruins are located south of the Sumerian city of Eridu. Isn't it amazing that with the endless warfare in Iraq over the past few decades, the invasions and retreats involving hundreds of thousands of troops, and chaos and looting of ancient ruins, this new discovery has been made. Presumably in the years ahead, work on these ruins will help shed more light on the civilization of Sumer and Akkad some 4,000 years ago.

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