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Around 6 million years in Africa human history began

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That is the central nugget of a wonderful new essay in The Guardian, one of the UK's leading newspapers, a thoughtful media portal better than anything in America today. Basically, you have to go back some 6 million years to find a common chimp-human ancestor. Since then, humans have been on a separate path that has led -- with many branches and dead ends -- to where we are today.

The link to the essay is here:  The essay is called The Untold Story of Evolution but of course the story has been told many times and is discussed daily in classrooms. It is well written and honestly addresses they many puzzles and questions still bedeviling scientists. What drove the ancestors out of Africa? What led to upright walking? Why the long legs and large brain? What sparked the creation of human language?

What I like about the topic are the many "holes in the data." Why did humans begin burying the dead? Why did we begin to believe in life after death? Where were the first societies located where complex communities came into being?

In my novel, Gettysburg Passage, I envision a group of five friends -- two couples and a priest -- who are suddenly linked to a complex, ancient society. These friends don't yet realize it, but when they find an artifact in downtown Washington, D.C., they are magnetically drawn, through dreams and other evidence, to a portal that gives them access to our complex past -- if they choose to go.

One of the friends knows all about this ancient history because he's been there before -- but he's not talking about it unless he has to. Unfortunately for him, the past begins to come alive in modern Washington. In a strange twist, the portal exists as a burning cave located near the Gettysburg battlefield. This leads to all kinds of modern mayhem, including several Civil War characters suddenly making appearances in today's modern world. And just in time for helping to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the beginning of the Civil War ;-)

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