Saturday, April 16, 2011

Civil War Commentary and Fantasy Fiction

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There is interesting commentary in a South Carolina newspaper -- a state known for its defensiveness about its complex and combative history -- that you might wish to check out. His thesis is that many "top of mind" opinions on America's bloodiest war are too simple. Southerners want to talk about anything but slavery. On the other hand, during the time of the hostilities, citizens of the North harbored incredibly racist attitudes that would be considered intolerable today. It was an ugly time. Here is a link to his column. Another story in The Washington Post is a review of Gary Gallagher's new book, The Union War. In that book it is documented that Northern attitudes were also complex -- and generally not so pure. Essesentially, Northern soldiers went to war to preserve the country. Emancipation was secondary. Here is the Post link.

While you are checking out those thoughtful pieces of journalism, please consider also checking out my modern action-fantasy novel, Gettysburg Passage, only $2.99 from Amazon. Gettysburg Passage is a fast-paced modern story of people discovering an ancient artifact with mysterious powers. That artifact turns out to be a "key" that opens a portal to save a lost civilization. The portal happens to be very close to the Gettysburg Civil War battlefield.....all kinds of mayhem ensues!! Check out the great reader reviews here or try a sample chapter from the Amazon book site.
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