Wednesday, March 16, 2011

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In the news this past week has been reports that the lost civilization of Atlantis has possibly been discovered near the ancient and hauntingly beautiful Spanish coastal city of Cadiz. Atlantis, popular in song, poetry, literature and film, is a legendary island civilization first mentioned in Plato's dialogues, Timaeus and Critias.

In Plato's account, Atlantis was a naval power lying "in front of the Pillars of Hercules" -- modern Gibraltar --and Atlantis conquered many parts of Western Europe and Africa 9,000 years before the time of Solon, or approximately 9600 BC. After a failed attempt to invade Athens, Atlantis sank into the ocean "in a single day and night of misfortune" -- supposedly a giant tsunami similar to what just battered northern Japan. Without a doubt much of Plato's account is fanciful.

To help solve this ancient riddle, The National Geographic Society funded a discovery search centered around huge marshlands in Dona Ana Park. There, underground, researchers said they believe that they have discovered the ruins of Atlantis deep underground. Scientists used the latest technical tools in their search, including deep-ground radar, digital mapping, and underwater technology to survey the site.

Some experts and commentators are challenging these findings as hype for National Geographic's TV special. Cable TV is notorious for poorly-researched "history" specials promoting marginal science and paranormal phenomena. However, what I find interesting is that SOMETHING is down there beneath the ground. Since Cadiz has been inhabited for more than 3,000 years -- by Phoenicia, Rome and Carthage -- it is entirely possible that some kind of lost civilization resided there that has been totally lost to modern history.

There is so much about our past that we don't know. Which brings me to my fantasy novel, Gettsyburg Passage, from Amazon, an ebook for just $2.99. In the novel, friends living around Washington, D.C. come across an ancient artifact that threatens to totally disrupt their everyday lives. It appears this artifact -- an ancient staff or mace -- is a sort of "key" to a lost civilization that may be in need of immediate assistance. The portal to this ancient civilization may be found near or in a burning, abandoned coal mine very close to the Gettysburg Battlefield just north of Washington. Hmmmm. All kinds of strange and interesting things are about to happen.

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