Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How We Got Here and "God Had a Wife"

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Active in the news this week are stories about the ongoing discovery of additional evidence that the ancient Hebrew God, Yahweh --the monotheistic God-the-Father of Judaism and Christianity -- had in fact a female consort named Asherah, also known as Istar. There are several brief references to her in the Hebrew Bible. Modern researchers such as Bible scholar Francesca Stavrakopoulou claim that references to Asherah were mostly deleted from sacred texts to promote a male-centered view of religion. Nearly all ancient religions start with female god figures but over time the concept of God seems to go gender neurtral of lean towards the God-the-Father bias. Clearly male-directed editing has occurred.

Just more evidence that "how we got here," our prejudices, our viewpoints, our beliefs, are a complex stew handed down over thousands of generations. As we go back into the mists of time, we find dynamic activity in concepts of individuality, personal freedom, moral accountability and our place in the universe. Many of these issues are addressed in my fantasy fiction adventure, Gettysburg Passage, just $2.99. To read reviews, try a sample chapter or just learn more, please go here.
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