Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Horse of Kings Found From Persian Royal Grave 5,000 Years Old

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The Caspian Horse is a beloved breed whose roots can be traced back to the Iron Age and even deeper in the prehistoric mists of time. This small, fast and graceful steed is easily identified by a pronounced forehead, large eyes and short ears. Although much smaller than modern thoroughbreads, the Caspian Horse is spirited and a strong jumper -- and was a royal favorite for pulling a war chariot, swiftly transporting a courier or majestically carrying a king to a royal hunt.

Now it is being reported that the oldest remains of the Caspian breed have been discovered in an archaeological dig in Iran. Through history horses have played a pivotal role in determining the fate of civilizations in conflict and, a source of envy, have been the cause of livestock raids chronicled in man's earliest poems and ballads.

In the fantasy action novel, Gettysburg Passage, horses are important, too. They play a key role in keeping several of the main characters a few trots ahead of the harm's way.

In short, some friends living in contemporary Washington, D.C. stumble on an ancient artifact which before long has them running for their lives. Lucky for them, several horses -- could they possibly be right out of America's Civil War? -- are conveniently available to speed their escape. Before long, these characters find themselves deep inside a mystery that flips through time and that is somehow linked to a distant, lost civilization. An ancient, advanced society is desperately in need of help only these modern day friends can provide......will they risk their lives to help? Gettysburg Passage, $2.99, from Amazon. Click on the following link to read the rave reviews or sample a free chapter.
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