Friday, February 11, 2011

Super Wolf Packs Are Not Just The Stuff Of Fantasy Novels

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Media stories out of Russia and Europe claim that a super wolf pack numbering nearly 400 animals has recently killed more than 30 horses and is menacing the far north Verkhoyansk district in Russia, where temperatures often drop to more than -100F. Since a typical wolf pack numbers between 6 and 7 animals, naturalists are puzzled, but speculate that the harsh winter has limited natural food supplies, such as rabbits and mice. The ranchers' livestock has become easy prey.

A key action scene in my fantasy novel Gettysburg Passage involves proto wolves in a super pack that menaces a group of Americans visiting a mountain cabin for the weekend. When I wrote the scene I was worried about putting wolves in a bad light. There are many wolf defenders and I sympathize with them -- but clearly wolves are predators and should be treated with healthy respect...and at a distance!

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