Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Launch of Gettysburg Passage Novel from Amazon Featured in Leading Media

Just a quick note that Gettysburg Passage, a contemporary action adventure novel, was launched Wednesday with a national announcement carried by PR Newswire that was picked up by AOL, Yahoo, CNBC, Reuters, Dow Jones and more than 200 other leading wires and media portals. While I would like to think the media was excited about the story, realistically what was newsworthy to them was the fact that Gettysburg Passage is one of the first fiction e-books published to be optimized for e-reader platforms like Kindle, iPad and Kindle apps on PC, Mac and smartphones. The novel has video links, hypertext and encourages the reader to explore issues developed in the narrative. Some experts, like Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, think the reader should have an uninterrupted immersion in the fiction experience. That is not how I see people around me reading today, however. They comment, the talk back, they share, the Tweet. One of my daughters can be quiet for hours as she reads, but she is also capable of providing nearly a running commentary, too. So visit, read a review of the book, perhaps watch one of my videos on YouTube (keywords: Gettysburg Passage) and then consider downloading the novel to your Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Android phone, or download the Amazon Kindle reader application for your PC or Mac. It takes just a moment and you can be reading within 5 minutes. I promise!

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