Thursday, July 1, 2010

Brandy Station was the largest cavalry battle in North American history. It happened on June 9, 1863 and is considered by historians to be the beginning of the Gettysburg Campaign, the invasion of the North by the Army of Northern Virginia. If you are lucky enough enough on one of these cool summer evenings to be in the vicinity of Fleetwood Hill, near Culpepper, VA, the word is that you can still glimpse thousands of Confederate Major General J.E.B. Stuart's cavalry and elements of Union Major General Alfred Pleasonton's command, riding through dust clouds near U.S. 29. If great thinkers like Einstein consider time to be illusory and subject motion and perspective, is it not possible that such sightings could be real? In the ebook, Gettysburg Passage, such a sighting plays a key role in kicking off the narrative action. If you'd like a special viewing spot to catch the riders on parade, contact the author.

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